Total Body Alignment

Use Yoga to prevent injury and relieve pain

Learn to correctly align the entire body to help prevent injuries and relieve pain from existing injuries. Includes yoga poses and sequence. PDF with color photos.

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Use the power of postural alignment to prevent injury and promote healing. Includes both upper and lower body poses for healing, biomechanics, and safe movement for optimal results. Specific poses, photo illustrations and sequence.

This training includes:

• Fundamentals of Postural Alignment and Biomechanics

• Essential Components of Therapeutics: Align, Engage and Move

• Primary Elements of Therapy and Rehabilitation

• Lower Body:
- Feet and Ankles
- Calves
- Knees
- Pelvic Girdle
- Lumbar and Thoracic Spine
– Psoas: release, lengthen, tone

• Upper Body:
– Shoulder Girdle
– Arms, elbows and wrists
– Core
– Cervical Spine
– Head

• Putting it all Together- photo illustrations and sequence

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